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Not quite James Bond

10 Dec

Over the years, I’ve seen a lot of people abdicate the brains they believe their god gave them, on religious grounds, no less, and then, having chosen ignorance over knowledge, made extremely self-defeating choices.

I coined a moniker for them:  double-0 stupid, licensed to die.  I actually spell it with zeros, though they look like lower-case o’s in this font:  st00pid.  And recently, it was accepted for publication by Urban Dictionary, which surrounded this definition with weaker wannabes.

Examples of st00pid range from those who submit exclusively to faith healing and prayer to those who refuse vaccinations for their children.  Children, in particular, should be protected from such guardians.

Don’t even get me started on Obama‘s backing of the denial of OTC Morning After/Plan B pill for rape victim minors for whom pregnancy, itself, is a mortal risk.

It makes me so angry, I sometimes imagine a world in which those who reject science are denied the benefits of scientific advancement.  Sounds fair, doesn’t it?  Don’t believe in vaccinations?  Then no hospitalization or medication when the preventable illness strikes.  Can’t have it both ways.  Could save a lot of money, though, having to decide.

And imagine if the young earth creationists and global warming deniers had to stop using cell phones, television, internet, motorized vehicles, groceries with any connection to mass production, all in addition to said medical care.  They wouldn’t last long.  Even their guns and ammo would be “left behind” — pardon the pun.

Perhaps then, we’d have a world of peace.