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Sitting Shiva for Hitch

17 Dec

With our shared Jewish heritage, and my former practice of religious same, I feel it would comfort me to sit shiva for Hitch in a style he might — and I certainly will — appreciate.  For seven days, I’ll be toasting him with Johnny Walker Black, blogging or commenting on blogs or watching videos and reading articles, sharing Hitch with whomever I can.  I think that pretty much covers the spirit of sitting shiva, if you’ll pardon the pun.

So, join me in another night of toasting, as we raise a glass to a giant of a man whom history, if it has any sense at all, will never forget.


Just Getting Started, Folks

10 Dec

It’s about time I stood up and spoke out.  Oh, I’ve opined, here and there, on other blogs, but before actually starting my own, I wanted to feel certain there were enough original ideas in my head.  In some cases, it’s not even a matter of having an original idea, but rather of being able to present scientific and medical knowledge in a way others might understand.

For example, I commented on Dr. Jerry Coyne‘s blog to clear the air and dispel common myths about circumcision.  I’ll probably revisit the topic here, just to pull the points together into a cohesive, intelligible presentation, one of these days.  There is so much more I could have written.

For the record, I have two American medical degrees.  Minority students weren’t exactly welcome in medical schools, back when, and I had at least three strikes against me, so I got one medical degree in order to break the glass ceiling for the other.  When my heart is set on something, I don’t easily give up, and it was set on this since I was about five.  The back door bias and political targeting continue, with extreme fundamentalist Christianity (i.e., Dominionism) dealing the most severe blow, and yet, I survive.  It has taken my career and health, though, leaving me disabled, homeless, and destittue.  No kidding.

A hat tip to Mr. Christopher Hitchens, regarding his most recent article on Nietsche’s famous quote:  “That which does not kill me makes me stronger.”  For years, now, everytime someone has tried to console me with it, adding instead aggrevation to my frustration, I’ve responded that if I could just get my hands around Nietsche’s throat, I’d show him just how strong it’s made me.

Questions are welcome.  Good ones, anyway.  I may not be as good at dishing out advice as Dan Savage, nor as eloquent as Christopher Hitchens, but I will do my best.