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Time for a new emergency number like, say, 119

2 Sep

In addition to Ferguson, St. Louis, and other stories, I keep reading, seeing, and hearing stories like this:  http://www.dailykos.com/story/2014/08/28/1325409/-St-Paul-police-violently-arrest-a-black-man-for-sitting-on-bench-waiting-for-his-children-VIDEO#comments.  It’s not just blacks who are subject to police brutality, but it sure looks like blacks receive the worst of it, time after time, innocence notwithstanding, and black males especially.  It’s a crime against humanity, yet, what is the number to call in case of emergency?  The very perpetrators of said crimes!

Therefore, we must have our federal government provide a number comparable to 911 which can be called when the responders of 911 misbehave, brutalize, rape, terrorize, militarize, and in any other manner harm or threaten to harm innocent civilians, no matter who they are, and by “they”, I mean both criminal cops (white or not) and innocent civilians (black or not).

This criminal rampage must end.  The militarization of government-sponsored criminals must be abolished.  And to do that, the feds must provide an emergency number any of us can call directly and immediately to report, live stream, and document said crimes.

I propose 119, the opposite of 911, because when it is necessary, that’s due to the fact that 911 is behaving opposite its assignment, to protect and defend local citizens across our nation.  Who is with me, and who knows how to make it happen?