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Israel, the Terrorists’ Test Tube, has breaking news on the Syrian Front

27 Aug
I just found out about this: http://www.timesofisrael.com/mortars-from-syria-strike-golan-as-fighting-nears-border/. I’m watching for verification from other news sites, because if this is true, then, dollars to donuts, Hamas will take advantage and abruptly end the new ceasefire, so Israel has two battle fronts, each essentially at opposite ends of the state, both against brutal, inhumane, Islamist forces which, in the end, might turn out to be connected.
PBS NewsHour, among others, says Al Qaida rejects ISIS because the latter is so viciously cruel as to scare away moderate Muslims. If Al Nusra, currently considered an Al Qaida affiliate, turns out to have joined ISIS, and Hamas is part of that, then not only is America next (also c/o PBS NewsHour guest), along with England and the rest of Europe, I expect, but Al Qaida will no longer see any need to hold back.
This is the first time in my entire life — having learned so much about the Holocaust and Hiroshima — that I’ve ever wondered about actually using nuclear weapons. If ISIS and its kind will kill just as many in the same region, only more slowly and torturously, and head out toward the rest of the world, as well, and if there is no way to plant enough spies among them to take them down…
This past weekend, I saw a notice in our small town post office, telling young men of a particular age range that they are legally obligated to sign up. I fear the draft is going to make a come-back. It’s not only the middle east, but Ukraine/Russia, as well, not to mention Africa and the far east, where things are getting out of hand in one way or another.
Hopefully, I am wrong. Seriously.

 Ever since Middle Eastern terrorism began, Israel has been its training site, its test tube.  The targeting of international Jews on cruise ships brought the wrong response, so focus tightened on Israeli Jews.  Killings brought the wrong response, though they also brought the frightening headlines, so fewer killings with more injuries became the terrorists’ goals.  After all, a dead Israeli is over and done.  Multitudes of injured Israelis stop working and paying taxes, start using more state-funded benefits (i.e., everyone else’s taxes) and stay in view to remind others just how scary and terrible those terrorists can be.  The resilience of both the Israeli government and Israeli civilian population is amazing, so Hamas enacted its “death by a thousand cuts” through the repetitive acute-on-chronic rocket fire attacks going on for decades and escalating in power when its targets proved, once again, able to adjust and be resilient.

Don’t think it can’t happen outside of Israel.  Israel is only the experimental laboratory for such terrorists.  Kidnappings for ransom, suicide bombers, and double bombs in which one causes injuries and the second injures those who respond to cries for help from the injured, all targeted Israelis, first.

I am old.  I’ve been watching this for some time, now.  The trend became clear to me decades ago.  It was then reinforced by more of the same.  Even the propaganda used by those terrorists followed such a pattern, though it’s too much to cover, here.

For now, I just hope that I’m wrong.  I’d rather be wrong.